About Shirareta Sekai

The series Shirareta Sekai 知られた世界 ("the known world"), places familiar creatures such as elves, dwarves and nymphs in an Asian, particularly Japanese, setting rather than the usual medieval European one.

The main sources of inspiration are Japanese history, mythology and folklore. Creatures such as kitsune 狐 ("foxes," think Ninetales from Pokémon or Kurama from Naruto) and Eastern Dragons play a major role in the story. Click here for more on this.

The first book, "The Return of Layhar," was published by Zilverbron in December 2018. I am working on an English translation, but the book is currently only available in Dutch.

Boekomslag Shirareta Sekai 1 - De terugkeer van Layhar

"When the king of Ōkoku faces an anonymous enemy, he launches a manhunt for all the elves in his kingdom.

The young elf Ai has been hiding in the forest for years after a massacre in her village. When she is discovered there, she is forced to flee Ōkoku, haunted by hunters and the wounds of her past. Who can she trust? Where will she be safe?

She is desperate for a way to finally put the past to rest, but to make matters worse, centuries after the great Racial War ended in one mysterious night, the world is once again at risk of falling into chaos. How can she save herself and the world?"

The sequel, "The Choice of Amar," was released in March 2021. It is only available in Dutch.

Boekomslag Shirareta Sekai 2 - De keuze van Amar

“Stranded in the desert, Ai continues her search for the black-eyed elf. She must find a way to prevent the Purification and time is running out. Her quest takes her to exotic lands where she becomes increasingly entangled in a web of mysteries as she learns more about Layhar's identity. The future becomes uncertain when it is revealed that stopping the Purification hinges on the mercy of the powerful, arrogant Amar. Surrounded by the world's strongest mages, the slightest mistake could spell the end for Ai...

Meanwhile, a bitter parting leads Hana and Kazuto down different paths. While Hana seeks her place in Tora's court, where she's not welcomed by many, Kazuto is forced to enlist. In the army, eating will not be his only challenge.

All three must find their way in an unfamiliar environment, with new friends and enemies, to survive.”

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