Hana 花

I refuse to act like I'm fine with letting every day pass me by like this! What if today is my last day? What have I been on Earth for? To do laundry? To keep the teahouse running while father spends our hard-earned money on sake? Who would I be if I turned my back on someone in need?

Translated quote from Shirareta Sekai 1 – The Return of Layhar, p. 83
NameHana 花
Age19 / 20
Year of BirthThe year of the Fire Horse, 丙午 hinoe-uma
Country of BirthGinkoku
ProfessionHealer (/mage)
FamilyKazuto (brother)
Kurai (father) †
Sakura (mother) †
Nene (grandmother) †

Hana was Character of the Month May 2022 in the Zilverboekenclub on Facebook. Get to know her a little better in this interview:

Hi, everyone! My name is Nagata Hana 永多花.

Someone wakes you up in the middle of the night with your favorite thing. What is it?

A good book! An exciting adventure novel or a new magic book with which I can improve my skills, I would love either one. In fact, if you give me a magic book, I'd be extra grateful since I'm not allowed to buy it myself. Advanced magic is not for women, they say....🙄

What are you most ashamed of?

After my brother and I entered the cave to the Underworld, I got scared and ran out. I was a coward and I'm ashamed of that to this day. If I had stayed with him... who knows, maybe that experience wouldn't have haunted him so much. Maybe then he would have been able to eat normally now.

What makes you exceedingly angry or sad?

When people let each other down, it evokes both anger and sadness in me. I simply cannot stand the fact that there are people who are perfectly capable of helping others and choose not to. They ignore it and think: "Suck it." How selfish can you be? I myself am far from perfect, but at least I try. When Kazuto and I found Ai, he didn't want to take her in, but you can't just abandon a helpless girl like that, can you? I felt we should help her and I don't regret doing so. Leaving my village for her, on the other hand ... maybe I have a teeny tiny bit of regret about that, though it is overshadowed by the joy I have found in leaving that suffocating place behind me. It's not all roses, but at least I'm experiencing things. Even the bad things are preferable to a life that is monotonous.

For whom or what would you sacrifice your life if that were your last choice?

Easy: my brother. If it would save him, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

What would you ask the members of the Zilverboekenclub?

I personally believe that life must contain colorful experiences to be considered worthwhile. Adventure, excitement, all the emotions a person can experience, I want to have tasted it all before my end comes. How do you think about that? What is a good life in your eyes?

The book I appear in is called:

You'll find me in Shirareta Sekai book 1, "The Return of Layhar," and book 2, "The Choice of Amar." (Psst, I'm also in the third book, but I won't tell what happens yet 🤫)

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